👩🏻‍🎓 I bring my background in languages, culture and research to designs that I create for different people.

😎 I believe in the power of research, user testing and hundreds of wireframes iterations and have experience working with Lean Startup Frameworks of Build. Measure. Learn as well as Agile methodology. I have a keen eye for detail and I’m a fan of visuals such as creating moodboards and style tiles.

❤️ I am passionate about building products that make people’s lives easier and more fun. I am always championing the cause of the users, their problems and needs using a human-centric approach, thinking about accessibility and inclusivity - always aiming to achieve the best possible result for every user. **

🤓 I am always curious and aiming to become a better version of myself, you’ll find me constantly learning and analysing new emerging trends, collecting inspiration daily.

📚 I love reading, especially psychology and fiction, it helps me to understand human behaviour and relationships as well as develop my creativity.

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